Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome to my beat

Hello my name is Cheryl M and this is my beat.  My daughter helped me set up this blog so that I would have a place to express my creative genius, insights, inspirations or anything else that might happed to find it's way on this blog. 

Ever since I was a very young girl I enjoyed writing.  I wrote my first poem in the 4th grade called "Flower Power."  I really wish I remembered how it went, but unfortunately due to time and age it lays back in the archives of my mind much like what they did with the Ark of the Covenant in Indiana Jones and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" it's in some crate in my mind with a number on it!

In any case, writing has been one way I have used over the years to express myself, and it is my desire to use this blog as a creative venue for one of my talents.  I do appreciate my daughter Elizabeth helping me to set this blog up. 

So again, welcome to my beat!

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