Friday, September 27, 2013

Order Not to Resuscitate

Having been inspired by my beautiful daughter Liz & her putting herself out there blogging, I decided I would try an act of bravery myself.

This morning during my morning prayers I was praying to come to peace with a past relationship.  I looked this person up on Facebook and of course it brought back the old memories.  I realized that I needed to make peace with that relationship in my soul.  I needed to forgive & hope that forgiveness comes my way as well.  I also realized that even when we forgive or minds still have those experiences in our long term memory.  However, I realized that even though those memories are there that in order to utilize the power of the atonement  I would need to allow them to rest in peace.  I need the Lord's help daily with the order not to resuscitate them in my present life.  I see that when we act bitter or angry about long gone experiences & the people associated with them, that the very act of bitterness or anger resuscitates those memories and gives them a new life in our present.  I get this visual picture of Dr. Frankenstein giving life to his monster that he thinks he will have control of but in the end controls and destroys him and everything in its path.  Old memories resuscitated have that same power to destroy the opportunity for our present to be a better one and eventually hurts those in our life.  I feel that having experiences in our long term memory can serve a good purpose for us as we move along the path of life.  I feel that when we listen to the spirit of the Holy Ghost in moments when we are maybe moving closer to recreating the things of the past in our present he will remind us so we can get back on track and then move forward.  It is not his intention that we would dwell in that place and beat ourselves to death over it.  He just wants us to be able to stay on the right path.

I daily want to learn to honor the order not to resuscitate.

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