Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just Because

I was just thinking about the decision to make a change, do better at some aspect in your life or love more fully just because you want to.  You know deciding to do something without having some life crisis or the other motivating it?  Now I know that because we are spirits housed in bodies of flesh & bone going through  a mortal experience, and because of the trials in mortality that either by divine intervention or the consequences of our choices we are often compelled to make changes and that these experiences serve an important purpose. However, I believe  that if we worked to connect with our true spiritual character we could gain the  capacity to make decisions to do good, be better and love more fully, not only just because we want to, but for the mere joy of it. I almost feel like it is akin to what it means to develop a pure heart.  I believe as we work toward becoming more sacntified, we can experience  "just because" moments.

As I look back on my life, during times when I was having spiritual highs, I have had "just because" moments and they were some of the happiest experiences of my life.  I cant explain it, but I felt more confident and fearless because it felt like I was lifted to a spiritual plain where being and doing good was a place you never wanted to leave. because you were getting a taste of pure joy.  I just thought of how to describe it, its like you are on the door step of the city of Enoch and you want to make it your permanent residence.

Just because...I want to be there.

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