Monday, October 7, 2013


I have to admit, I do like technology.  I still am an old school girl at heart, I love paper, pencils, pens, notebooks & sticky notes in all colors & designs, but technology is amazing because of the doors it opens for writers like me who in the past would rarely have any of my work read by an audience of maybe just my Mom!  I do appreciate that she loved the very first poem I wrote on her vintage Royal portable typewriter.  I really thought I was pretty slick being able to use that bit of 20th century technology back in the day.  However, I have enjoyed making my way into the 21st century.  I enjoy having a cell phone the unlimited text, talk & data plan keeps me connected to those I love in real time and the day by day growth of my grandchildren.  What grandmother wouldn't be thrilled to watch a video of a child's first steps?

As a writer though, it is truly a thrill to be able to sit down on my Galaxy note 8 tablet and practice and share my craft anywhere or anytime.  So to my future audience, I look forward to sharing my thought, ideas, stories, experiences and insights with you.

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